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Update - 5th February 2001 - A word from Jaz: It's been a sad week for Sega fans as the entertainment giant pulls-out of hardware production and stop making the Dreamcast. Oh well - anyone got a PS2 with Fifa '01 they wanna sell me for about 100?! Good news though is that the new BAR Honda F1 is flying! Anyway, back to reality, nothing major to report in the way of updates today, just a new link added and a temporary chatroom added thanks to all at Beseen.com. Take care of yourselves.. and each other.. Jaz

Update - 1st February 2001 - A word from Jaz: Rest assured the chatroom is being worked on as you read this (thanks to net magazine *winks*) so all being well I should have at least a test room up some time soon. Trust me it's my first priority (after passing my driving test of course). I couldn't tell you when the games page will be updated because of the aforementioned chatroom and the small matter of my computing A-Level project (see the links page) which need to be done first. But it will be done at some point in the year *winks*. Wales Vs England rugby on the weekend so don't anyone miss it. =D Adios amigos.. Jaz

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