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Update - 7th March 2001 - A word from Jaz: Just added a new Formula One page today. At the moment it is only showing the results from the Australian GP but there'll be a lot more on there soon. Also, the links page has been updated to include Simon's site based on his bizarre idea of building a working hoverboard! Good luck, mate! That's all for now, more from me soon.. Jaz

Update - 13th February 2001 - A word from Jaz: Vill22 needs your help to help Papa Roach climb to the top of the UK charts! Right now, Last Resort is currently sitting happy at number 3 but with your help we could see it rise to number 1! So go buy this great song, see the Music page for more details! That's about it as far as updates goes, just the Music page been altered a bit. I am however working on the Games page so soon you'll be able to download the incredible Inspector Joseph series! I bet you all can't wait?! That's it. God bless.. Jaz

Update - 8th February 2001 - A word from Jaz: Vill22 wins it's first award in the form of a Smile Award from The Home Of Burnsie! Just look at the bottom of this page! There are two new photos that have been scanned and uploaded so check out the About Me page if you wanna see 'em. That's about it, expect a major update next week sometime. Oh, and as you can see above, Vill22 supports Free Speech on the net.  Hasta La Vista.. Jaz

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Special thanks to Burnsie and LoadsaLinks for the support and for making us 'site of the month' in both November & December. Thanks to everyone who has linked to us, and to you for visiting! And thanks to Beth, for just being you really, thank you for making me so happy :)

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