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Introducing Team H-H Racing!

Welcome to the home of Radio Control in Wales, welcome to the site of Team H-H Racing! Team H-H Racing consists of myself (Jaz), and Paddy. Paddy is the more experienced RC racer out of the two of us and it was him that got me interested in RC racing almost 2 years ago. We build, race, and maintain a whole variety of different categories and scales of RC cars, but our favourite is the Mardave V12, which are excellent 1/12 on-road hotrods. Here is Paddy now to introduce himself ...

Hi everyone. Iím Paddy from H-H Racing. James told me to tell you what I have in store for the site. So here we go. Below is a list of all the things I have planned: 

RC Race Control Program - this allows you to organize club meetings with ease! Particularly clubs with a fair amount of racers. (Microsoft Access required). 

Getting started in RC racing? - New to racing, want to get started? The first part of the guide should help in choosing a car. 

The Mardave Guide - The guide that tells you all about Mardave V12 racing. Setup, maintenance, and racing showing you techniques on driving and passing.

There is a lot more on the way. But Iíll keep you posted. Bye!

... Both myself and Paddy are working on this site together and we have loads of cool stuff planned for it. Right now, this site is very much under construction, so please come back soon and even leave your comments and suggestions in the guestbook! Thanks, Jaz.