You is 'ere in da special part 'ov me homepage, aye! For real, 'dis is a very secret site so make sure you's not tellin' any bitch-ass-monkeys.

Aye, check it, for real! This is my secret bit of my site that only me best mates is knowin' about. You is one 'ov me best mates or you wouldn't be 'ere!

I is 'gonna 'ave loads of way kool stuff on 'dis page, like a web vote where you get's to vote for the ugliest bitch in our school. Nice. Da web vote will be 'ere soon. For real. Write down all the girls that you think should be included in 'da web vote below...

Right then, me is off now but I will be back soon to update this special site for you, me best mates. If you is wanting to talk to me, you can e-mail me, or catch me on MSN Messenger online. Check it.