A   L   L   E   Y      1   9      B   O   W   L   I   N   G

I picked up my copy of Alley 19 Bowling for the bargain price of 5, and I haven't stopped playing it. It's a neat and tidy 50's-style ten-pin bowling game which supports net play too.

"Alley 19 Bowling takes you back to those times for the ultimate 10-pin challenge. Alley 19 has successfully replicated the bowling experience with its unique mouse-controlled throwing action. Best of all, Alley 19 combines all the fun and competition of real bowling with an original 50's soundtrack."

"Combine this with a very light hearted theme and special effects and Alley 19 becomes the entertainment sports hit of the year. Alley 19 uses a authentic 50's theme and soundtrack (the soundtrack is playable on your stereo) recreating everything from a '57 Chevy outside the lanes down to the hairstyles and clothing on the bowlers themselves. Jabbing comments from the gallery and special animations for milestone scores give the finishing touch and promise to keep you laughing while you spend an afternoon knocking down pins."

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